Looking to speed up your Divi site?

With Divi Nitro, it has never been so easy!

Need help with Woocommerce?

With BodyCommerce we do all the hard work for you!

Need to have a password protected section on your Divi page?

Divi Protect gives you the ability to create a section to be hidden until a password is entered.


We are developers that love DIVI and have used it for quite some years. While developing sites for our clients we have faced a few hurdles that needed to be overcome. Whilst overcoming these issues we thought that the rest of the Divi community would surely benefit from them too. Thus, Divi Engine was born!

We develop high-quality plugins for the Divi Theme and themes that use the Divi Builder.

What makes Divi Engine different?

We are front-end developers and our backgrounds vary from graphics to video game making – this makes us perfect to know when something looks visually great as well as when something just works.

We promise to never deliver a half-arsed product – whether it be designs or backend code – it will never be mediocre, only the best!

Our Plugins

Divi Nitromore_vert
Divi Nitroclose

Divi Nitro is designed to boost your page loading speed which helps improve SEO and most importantly the visitor’s user experience. If does this by:

- Defering Images
- Minify and Combine CSS and Js scripts
- Minify HTML
- Removes un-used scripts and code to clean up your site

Divi Protectmore_vert
Divi Protectclose

Divi Protect allows you to add password protected areas within the page using the Divi Builder. The default WordPress password protect only allows you to set a password for the whole page.

Divi Protect allows you to hide sections within the page.

Divi BodyCommercemore_vert
Divi BodyCommerceclose

Divi BodyCommerce is a plugin that tackles the hard or awkward tasks when building a Woocommerce website with the Divi Theme from email templates to the account section on your website.