Get Instant Order Alerts on Your Mobile Device with WP Order Alerts for WooCommerce

Today, we’re collaborating with our sister company WP Enhanced to bring you an updated guide on receiving order alerts directly on your mobile device for your WooCommerce store—for free!

In our previous video, we showcased an app that is no longer available. But fear not, WP Enhanced has developed a fantastic new tool, WP Order Alerts, that allows you to receive free mobile alerts for sales on your WooCommerce store. This tutorial will walk you through the setup process and highlight the features of WP Order Alerts.

Update: WP Order Alerts is in Open Beta Now!

We are excited to announce that WP Order Alerts is now in open beta, and anyone can sign up! Additionally, the app is now available for both Android and iOS devices. No need for an invite code 🎉

Sign Up Today!

Getting Started with WP Order Alerts

  1. Sign Up for Early Access
  • Visit to sign up for open beta access. You no longer need an access code—just head over to the site and sign up to start using WP Order Alerts today.
  1. Adding Your First Site
  • Once logged in to your WP Order Alerts dashboard, you can start adding your first site. Enter a site name and the root URL of your store. Note that for local machines, the server must be accessible via the internet.
  1. Install the Helper Plugin
  • Next, sign into your WordPress install where WooCommerce is active. Download the WP Order Alerts helper plugin from your dashboard, upload it to your site, and activate it. The plugin will guide you to retrieve your connection key from your WP Order Alerts dashboard.
  1. Connect the Helper Plugin
  • Copy the connection key from your WP Order Alerts dashboard and paste it into the plugin settings on your WordPress site. Your store will now be connected to WP Order Alerts.

Setting Up the Mobile App

  1. Download the WP Order Alerts App
  • Available for both Android and iOS, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Search for “WP Order Alerts,” install the app, and log in using your WP Order Alerts account.
  1. Enable Notifications
  • Allow the app to send notifications to receive real-time order alerts on your mobile device. Your connected store will appear in the app, and you can view past orders and manage order statuses directly from your phone.
Example of a new WooCommerce Order Alert with WP Order Alerts

Managing Users and Locations

  1. Add Additional Users
  • From your WP Order Alerts dashboard, you can add users who need access to order alerts. Enter their email, and they will receive an invitation to sign up, download the app, and start managing orders.
  1. Assign User Roles
  • Assign roles such as “Site Manager” or “Read Only” to users based on their responsibilities. This feature ensures that team members can access necessary information without full admin rights.


WP Order Alerts aims to be the best notification platform for WooCommerce stores. With continuous user-directed development, expect more features and improvements. For feedback and to keep track of updates, visit

Head over to to sign up for open beta and start receiving free order alerts on your mobile device today!

WP Order Alerts for WooCommerce is available on Phone, Tablet, and Desktop (Mac)

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