FREE Recipe Layout Pack for Divi Machine

Download our Recipe layout pack.

We have created a layout pack for you to download and import on your own site. This will hopefully make life really easy when developing with Divi, Machine and ACF.

There are a few files to import. Divi Library, Theme Builder, ACF settings and Machine Settings

Download the zip file below and extract it. Make sure you read the README_FIRST.txt file included as this gives you some key instructions on what to do.

Divi Recipe Layout Pack


  1. Great pack, but with no data it is difficult to see the template.
    When importing into the theme builder, several templates are not affected because the categories do not exist.

    Could we have an import file for the data please ?

    • Sorry a lot harder to provide export file with custom posts and categories etc.

      You need to add your own posts and categories but should not take too much time and also would need to be what you want right?

      • I understand, but the import in the Theme Builder gives 5 unassigned models because the categories do not exist. Naming the patterns might also help.

        At least indications on the categories to be created and the type of content would be needed to make the demo functional.

        FYI, the basic WordPress import/export tools can be used.
        Ultimate CSV Importer PRO offers for example powerful CSV import/export tools very easily.

        Your demos are really great, but I think most people aren’t going to get it to work easily because of that or otherwise with a lot of effort.

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