FREE Product Loop Layout Pack for Divi BodyCommerce

Download our product loop layout pack.

Love WooCommerce and Divi BodyCommerce? We have created our first loop layout pack for you to use to create beautiful online stores.

To get it all up and running for this layout, you will need to:

WooCommerce + BodyCommerce installed

Install WooCommerce & BodyCommerce, add some products.

Import Layouts

Import your layouts to Divi > Divi Library.

Add Product Loop Module + assign loop layout

Add the product loop module to the page or template, then choose “Custom Layout” under the “Loop Style” setting. Finally choose the Divi Library layout you want as the loop layout.


  1. I´m sorry, I did the download again and it works perfectly. thanks for that loop pack, it’s amazing

  2. Something doesn’t work when importing into the divi library, Could you check if it is the correct file?

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