*FREE* Divi Engine Plugin Tutorial Series: Divi Machine Classifieds

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce the no-cost version of our popular Divi Machine Classifieds course! We realized that the wider Divi Engine community, especially Divi Machine users, could greatly benefit from this comprehensive package. Therefore, we decided to offer it free of charge, to empower more individuals to create more feature-rich Divi websites.

This offering is chock-full of all the fundamental video lessons and resources you’ll need to navigate the world of building a classifieds website using Divi and Divi Machine. Divi Machine is used as the core plugin in this course, but we’ve also included extra lessons on enhancing your classifieds site with Divi Form Builder and Divi Machine Accounts.

What to Expect from the Free Divi Machine Classifieds Course

Here’s a snapshot of what this free Divi course covers:

  • Over 7 hours of comprehensive, step-by-step Divi tutorials
  • Intro to Custom Post Types – Planning and setting up your first CPT
  • Custom Taxonomy – Categorizing and tagging your custom posts
  • Advanced Custom Fields – Adding custom fields for more data
  • Building Loop Layouts – Showcasing your CPT in style with Divi
  • Conditional Logic – Displaying selective data based on conditions
  • AJAX Filtering – Incorporating instant post-filtering
  • Google Maps – Mapping your posts
  • Enhancing your site with Divi Form Builder and Divi Machine Accounts

These Divi tutorials lay the groundwork for building any kind of classifieds and directory websites with WordPress and Divi. The concepts you learn are applicable to any type of post-based site.

With this free Divi course, you’ll gain the expertise to plan and construct a versatile classifieds site utilizing the Divi Theme and our Divi Machine plugin. The Divi tutorials guide you through the entire journey, from the initial planning stage to showcasing your custom posts using Divi’s visual page builder.

Our course instructor, Robey, will impart the skills to create custom post types and fields without the need for writing any code. You’ll also get to learn how to incorporate advanced features like custom taxonomy, conditional logic, AJAX filters, and pin clustering on Google Maps.

By the course’s conclusion, you’ll be equipped with the expertise to build your own dynamic classifieds site for any niche. Whether your aim is to create a job board, directory, listings site, or any other classifieds site – this Divi tutorial will empower you with the skills to make it a reality.

While the free Divi course includes the core training, it does not provide extras such as progress tracking, support, or a completion certificate. For full access to these features, consider the paid version here.

We’re delighted to offer this complimentary version so that more WordPress users can benefit from Robey’s Divi Machine expertise. There’s no enrollment required as all installments are published to the blog and linked in all posts, including this one.

Start Learning with the Complimentary Divi Course

Keen to enhance your Divi skills and incorporate custom post types into your toolkit? The free Divi Machine Classifieds course has all you need to get started. Dive into the Divi tutorials directly on our blog – free of charge!

Available Tutorial Series Installments…

This will update as we release more tutorial installments in the series.
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*FREE* Divi Engine Plugin Tutorial Series: Divi Machine Classifieds


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