Download our Divi Neon Text Module layout pack.

It is FREEBIE FRIDAY and for this edition, we have 3 Divi Neon Text Modules that you are going to love. Best of all, they are easy to customize to fit your brand or site and can be used with any Divi install. Just import the layout, and place these awesome Neon Text Modules where you want them.


Divi Neon Text Module Freebie

These Neon Text Modules come in 3 Flavors:

Style 1: Static Neon

The first style uses a plain static neon effect, think brand new neon tubes.

Style 2: Flickering Neon

For the second style, we have that nostalgic pizza restaurant neon effect that flickers every few seconds.

Style 3: Pulsating Neon

Lastly, we have a more modern pulsating neon effect that just looks pretty darn cool.

Using the Custom Text Modules:

Step 1) Import the layout pack into the Divi Library

Similar to importing any layout pack we release, Import the JSON file directly into the Divi Library. Once it is imported you will see that the layout is a 3 Column Row with a Text Module and its Code Module that contains the CSS in each column.

Step 2) Copy the Text style you want to use

This is super easy. Open the layout in the Divi Library. This will launch the Divi Builder and you will see our 3 Columns with a Neon Text Style in each. If you want to use Neon Text Style 1, copy the Text and the CSS Code Module and go paste it on the page where you want to use it.

NOTE: Alternatively, you could also just import the layout as a Row right on the page where you want the Text and just delete the styles you don’t want.

Step 3) Customize the Neon Color

When you have the Text and the Code Module on the page you want, you can easily customize the image by opening the Code Module and editing the line with the comment that says “Change these colors” and replacing the 5 default colors with the color of your choice.

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