FREE Clothing Store layout pack for Divi and BodyCommerce

Download our Clothing Store layout pack.

We have created a layout pack for you to download and import on your own site. This will hopefully make life really easy when developing with Divi, BodyCommerce and WooCommerce.

There are two files to import, the first is the Divi Library JSON file and the second is our settings file.

Download the zip file below and extract it. Make sure you read the README_FIRST.txt file included as this gives you some key instructions on what to do.

Kitchenware Shop Layout Pack


  1. Dshred Loungewear:

    The Outfit Trend that has Largely Attracted People
    Loungewear is designed to be comfortable without sacrificing style; hence lighter textiles are most frequently utilised. This makes them ideal for working from home, casual meetups, coffee runs, grocery shopping, or staying in on days when you want to focus on taking care of yourself.
    From a loose dress to a cotton tank top with baggy pants, you may discover loungewear items in a variety of designs to precisely complement your personality. The goal is to feel comfortable and at ease wherever you are without losing your sense of fashion and style.
    Today’s fashion is exhibiting an increasing level of creativity. In other words, technology should be utilised as a tool for comfort rather than binding us to the set standards of consumption and beauty; hence loungewear acts as a means of expressing our uniqueness without sacrificing comfort.

  2. I just downloaded this layout. The layout for the product loop module is not included. So the section on the shop page which lists all the products (with the flip image and all the swatches) does not have the utilised layout.
    Is there any chance you can include this?

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