FREE Cart & Checkout Pages using the new Divi 4.14 Woo Modules

Download these FREE Divi WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Page theme builder layouts.

It is Divi FREEBIE FRIDAY and for this edition, we have a couple of Theme Builder layouts that utilize the new Divi Woo Modules that let you build custom Cart and Checkout pages! Best of all, it is easy to customize to fit your brand or site and can be used with any Divi website.


Cart Page
Free Divi WooCommerce Cart Page Layout
Checkout Page
Free Divi WooCommerce Checkout Page Layout

Using the Cart and Checkout Pages:

Step 1) Import the layout pack into the Divi Theme Builder

To use either of these Theme Builder Layouts, all you need to do is import them from there.

Head to Divi > Theme Builder > Then click the Import Button (⇵) in the top-right.

Select the JSON and Import.

Step 2) Customize the Layout.

You can style any element of the layout just as you would by using the Divi Module Settings..

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