FREE Car Listing layout pack for Divi Machine

Download our Car Listing layout pack.

We have created a layout pack for you to download and import on your own site. This will hopefully make life really easy when developing with Divi, Machine and ACF.

There are a few files to import. Divi Library, Theme Builder, ACF settings and Machine Settings

Download the zip file below and extract it. Make sure you read the README_FIRST.txt file included as this gives you some key instructions on what to do.

Divi Car Listing Layout Pack


  1. I really like it so far, but I run in to this dilemma of is there a way to copy/duplicate a “car”/product? Say I have made a post type in the slug “cars” named Nissan Leaf, and I want to have 10 variations of Leaf up, each with slight or bigger variations, but mostly identical. Here I’d like to set up a Leaf car once, and then I can duplicate this one and have it show in red instead of black, and with bigger rims etc. etc.
    I’m not interested in having it show as “one” product, where you then go in and choose available colors, but rather have them show up as individual products (as they are), that my cunstomers can reserve, and eventually sign and purchase. It just seems counterintuitive to not be able to duplicate products (post types), but have to type everything in multiple times :/

  2. Thanks! for this free layout! I will be use this for a client πŸ˜€

    • Pleasure πŸ˜€ Really glad it helps

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