FREE 3 New Divi Mask and Pattern Sections

Download our New Divi Mask and Pattern Sections.

It is Divi FREEBIE FRIDAY and for this edition, we have Three Pattern and Mask Sections using the new Divi Background Pattern and Mask features that have been hand-crafted just for you! Best of all, it is easy to customize to fit your brand or site and can be used with any Divi website.


Using the Divi Mask & Pattern Sections:

Step 1) Import the layout pack into the Divi Library

Similar to importing any layout pack we release, Import the JSON file directly into the Divi Library. Once it is imported you will see that 3 New Sections were imported for each Style we created.

Step 2) Add the Section you want to a page.

Just edit the page where you want to add the Mask and Pattern Sections we created. Click on “Add from Library” then select the imported layout. 

Step 3) Customize the Fancy Borders.

You can easily customize these sections just as you would any other. When you have the layout imported you will see it labeled with the style it has. Just edit the section or column that contains the Mask and Pattern style to make any changes you want. Most settings will be either the background color, mask options, or pattern options.


  1. A really nice feature release for Divi…BUT….without custom uploadable options you are going to see the same ‘trademark’ SVG masks time and time again (you might as well leave the Divi logo in the menu of your design while you are at it). With Dividers isn’t so bad as most of the shapes are generic – but the limited small number of masks are going to stick out like a sore thumb. What would have saved the day would have been shapes with parameters – or at the very least, an upload option to add your own SVG Masks.

    • I agree about the custom upload option. not sure we can do much about it if honest, but will take a look

      • Have a look at the readme in the background-masks folder


        The question then is….how do you maintain your custom masks on updates (maybe a duplicate/backup folder outside Divi, each time you upload and a restore option when you want to pul them back in)

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