Feature Update: Divi Machine & BodyCommerce Infinite Scroll and more!

You read that right folks! We have some amazing news for your eyeballs today. We just launched some much-requested features to both Divi Machine and BodyCommerce that will knock your socks clear off. Admittedly, I did a small whoop whoop when I got the word.

Ready to know what it is? Are you? Let’s get into it!

Infinite Scroll

Pagination options just got cool! Both Divi Machine and BodyCommerce now have the option for Infinite Scroll on your archive pages brought to you by the power of Ajax. You can customize all aspects of your Divi Infinite Scroll like the animated loading icon, icon color, and background color.

NOTE: Available with Divi Machine 3.5 & BodyCommerce 6.2

Attribute Previews

We revamped the way you can display your product attributes on both the archive and product pages in BodyCommerce. Instead of showing the color red as “red” in text, let’s show it as a beautiful swatch instead. The best part of all? This will work for both color and image attributes!

NOTE: Available with BodyCommerce 6.2

Divi Infinite Scroll in action…

Divi Infinite Scroll

Use Cases

Infinite Scroll

Store pages where you might be listing a ton of products would be a great use of Divi Infinite Scroll as it frees your visitors from having to click through and wait for pages of products to load. Also if they wanted to go back to an item they like on a previous page, not having infinite scroll will cause more clicks and more wait times. Clicks and wait times have been proven to lead to lower conversion rates and that makes your bottom line sad.

Using the awesome power of Ajax you will secure each sale on your Divi sites running Divi Machine or BodyCommerce with this awesome feature.

Attribute Previews

This BodyCommerce feature will greatly enrich both your store and product pages with visual cues that give your visitors more information without needing to click around. Easily display attributes like a given brand on the product page, or show what color options are available for a given item visually before they click through to the product page. This creates brand recognition in familiar logos and intent when the visitors click around on your site because they have all the information they need to make a purchase before they click.

Show your customers what they want to know and associate with, in a compact and effective visual manner.

Setting up Infinite Scroll of Attribute Previews

Ok, now it is your turn…

Divi Infinite Scroll Whoop


You can start using Divi Infinite Scroll today in Divi Machine version 3.5 and BodyCommerce version 6.2, all you need to do is update your install in your WordPress Admin, or download the update from your My Downloads section here on diviengine.com.

These features are brand spanking new, so for sure let us know if you run into any kinks so that we can button those up in no time.

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