Feature Update: Divi Ajax Filters gets Visual Builder Support!

Undoubtedly, Visual Builder compatibility has been one of those things that just makes designing a site in the Divi Theme a breeze and we are proud to announce that along with a slew of new additions, improvements, and fixes, Divi Ajax Filters now have full Visual Builder compatibility.

You can now see your design come to life as you build the perfect filter. And yes, I hear you all asking about the Ajax Filters that come packaged with Divi Machine and Divi BodyCommerce, they are now also fully Visual Builder compatible.

Here is Peter to tell you more.

Visual Builder Support

The has come for some Divi Visual Builder goodness in Divi Ajax Filters. But wait! There’s more! As you know, you’ll find Ajax Filters in both BodyCommerce and Machine, so you get a second and third helping of Visual Builder dessert.


The dev team has completely revamped the queries when filtering content so your Divi Ajax Filters will populate lightning fast. In one test we were able to bring a massive query down from 18s to 1.5s. Wow! You’ll also notice that we are making some changes to our settings menus by adopting some of the Divi styles to avoid loading extra code which will also benefit load times on the backend.


Security is so important when using WordPress and this is no exception for Divi plugins. Starting with Divi Ajax Filters we have started refreshing the security of our code to help keep your sites secure.

Divi Ajax Filters Visual Builder Support in Action.

Divi Ajax Filters Visual Builder Compatibility

Update Summary:

Visual Builder Compatibility
Reorganized Settings
New Checkbox/Radio Styles
Increased Security
New Slide Filter Style
Speed Improvements
New Settings Framework
Carousel Date Filter


That is it for this quick update note regarding Divi Ajax Filters. We continue to work on other awesome updates to help you guys build the best Divi websites with the best suite of Divi plugins.


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