Welcome to the greatest easter egg hunt ever!

Well, it is not quite the greatest but still loads of fun.

Ok, so we are running an Easter sale with a difference, an Easter egg hunt! Below are the rules.


  • We have hidden 5 eggs and 1 bonus object around our website.
  • Each egg equals 5% discount.
  • The bonus object equals 10% discount.
  • Go look around our website to find the eggs/bonus.
  • Once you find an egg or bonus object, click on it to reveal the coupon code.
  • You only need to click on it to automatically copy the coupon code to your clipboard. Below is an example and your first egg to get you on your way.

Clicked on the egg above? Good, save this code somewhere for later. Now go ahead and explore the website – try to find the other 4 eggs, don’t forget about the special bonus object – where could this be? I little clue: stay humble, lead others by putting yourself at the bottom – be willing to serve others.

We do hope you enjoy this and good luck 😀