Downloading and Importing WooCommerce Sample Data




5 Minutes


  • Basic knowledge of WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce is already installed and configured.



Divi 4.9.2
WooCommerce 5.1.0
WordPress 5.7

There certainly is no shortage of online tutorials on how to do some cool stuff with WooCommerce, but sometimes when you are still getting started, something simple like not having products in your database can make these tutorials daunting. Something not a lot of folks know is that WooCommerce already comes with a set of products ranging from simple to variable products, all you need to do is import them! In this tutorial, we will show you exactly how you would go about importing this WooCommerce sample data.

Awesome, right?

In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to quickly and easily import these products so that you can start becoming a WooCommerce expert in no time.

Why add WooCommerce Sample Data?

You should only consider importing the Sample Products if you are working on a site that does not currently have enough products in the database. The main reason we want some products in there is that this allows you to see how the various WooCommerce pages update as we work through some awesome tutorials. It is all about that instant gratification baby! Depending on the tutorial, it could also be helpful to have some products loaded in the database so that you can add them to the cart and see the updates you’ve made there.

Now that we’ve established why we want some Sample Data Imported into our WooCommerce database, let’s jump in and get it done.

Downloading the WooCommerce Sample Data


Download WooCommerce from this page ->

Extract the downloaded Zip file

Locate sample_products.csv in /WooCommerce/Sample-Data

UPDATE: We created our very own enhanced WooCommerce Sample Products CSV Import File which you can download HERE!

Every time you install the WooCommerce plugin it places a few files Sample Data files that you can import into your WordPress install. You can get to these sample files in 2 ways:


  • Download the WooCommerce plugin manually, extract the Zip file, then access the files in the Sample-Data folder
  • FTP into your WordPress install and extract the files that way
For this tutorial, we will download and unzip the plugin files manually, then import them. To do that, let’s browse over to and click the download button. Make sure to save the zip file somewhere where you can easily track it down so that we can extract the zip file.

Once downloaded, head over to the file and extract it using your favorite unarchiving utility. If you now navigate to [download location]/WooCommerce/Sample-Data you will sample_products.csv and sample_products.xml, we will use one of these to import out Sample Products with just a few clicks.

Downloading and Extracting WooCommerce

Importing the Sample Products


WooCommerce > Products > Start Import

Choose sample_products.csv

Next > Run the Importer


Now that we have our sample_products.csv file, all we need to do is import it using the WooCommerce Products screen. If there are no products in your database, then you will have the option to “Start Import”.

Once we click the button we are asked to “Import products from a CSV file”, so let’s select the file we downloaded and click “Next”.

PRO TIP: We can also import products on the WordPress Import screen, but since we are importing WooCommerce products, it just makes more sense to import it within a more relevant context.
This is where we would “map” all the fields required by WooCommerce for a product, to a field in the CSV file we downloaded. Since this CSV file is straight from the WooCommerce team, it is already perfectly formatted, so we do not have to do any manual field mapping.

We can just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Run the Importer”.

After a few seconds of furious computing, we will be informed that we have successfully imported 25 products into our database.


Importing WooCommerce Products
That’s it! Now when we click on the Products we will see the list of 25 sample products that we just imported.

Couldn’t be easier! Now is a great opportunity to try one of our other tutorials that will help you convert visitors into customers!

For more information on BodyCommerce and its awesome features, take a look at our feature page and start dreaming of how you will use BodyCommerce to build amazing websites with Divi and WooCommerce.


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