Divi Theme

The most powerful, brilliant theme for WordPress

Many people ask us why we only develop and use Divi, well the simple answer is that in our opinion there is no other as good. There are a number of factors that contribute to this conclusion

We genuinely care about quality

Build Visually

We love that Divi can be used by anyone, thier visual builder really allows for some interesting designs being made by even the least skilled coder. It has developed so much since we first started using it that we know it has so much more to give, this excites us. 

We want a happy family

The Community

Nothing beats the Divi Community. We are part of it and love it! The best place to see this is on FaceBook, there are a number of groups focused towards Divi users. You just need to see a few to see how much help there is out there from blogs to people helping with code, server issues and more.

We love the Divi community

Lifetime Pricing

Like our plugins, Divi offer a lifetime pricing module. This is brilliant for users that resell the websites they build. You do not need to worry about paying yearly for your customers, pay once and any money you make going forward is profit.

Divi Theme Layouts

The layout packs that Divi provide with the theme are so amazing. You can use the to build sites that look amazing so quick, with one click of a button. There are over 100+ full website packs. Lets say you are building a site for a florist, you can use a premade template for all the pages as a quick start and then customise from there to make it your own.

The beauty of the layout packs are that you can import them in your site without having to leave the website. They are organised into complete website packs, with some including 7 or 8 page designs suited for each type of website. The images they use are also royalty free so you can use them on your client or your websites too.


Divi Theme Layouts

How we make Divi Better

We build plugins for Divi and Divi/WooCommerce websites, our aim is to help you make your life easier and in turn make you more money. You might be a creative agency or building for yourself, regardless we can all appreciate that time is money. You can save time drastically using our plugins. We also try and find and fill in the gaps that Divi does not do – take WooCommerce for example, we have a plugin that adds so much more like variations swatches, ajax add to cart all the way to email template customiser and custom cart icons. We feel that with our plugins, you have the tools to push Divi to the next level.

Below are our Divi Plugins and what they do.