Divi Theme Builder: Creating a Quick and Easy 404 Page Template

So lost, Google can’t find you.

Ahhh, the infamous 404 page – it’s like a bad joke that never gets old. It’s the digital equivalent of a shrug and a “whoops!” But despite its reputation as a nuisance, a 404 page can actually be a valuable tool in your website’s arsenal. It’s a chance to redirect your visitors to other relevant content, or even offer them a special deal or promotion.

And let’s not forget, a well-designed 404 page can be a work of art in and of itself. So don’t shy away from the 404 page – embrace it, make it your own, and who knows, you might even start to look forward to seeing it.

Not really, we know you have more going on than that .

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It is already time for the 3rd installment of our Divi Tutorial series on using the Divi Theme Builder. In the last tutorial, we showed you How to Build a Category Archive Page using the Divi Theme Builder and this week we will be diving head-first into the world of the 404 page.

The 404 page is not just a place your users end up when they get lost on your site, but it is an opportunity to get them to go where you’d like them to go. Think of the 404 page as the shepherd and your users may be a lost lamb that needs a little push in the right direction. The Divi Theme Builder makes this super simple why giving you all the tools you need to craft the perfect 404 page.

So without further blabbing, let’s get right to it and jump into the Divi Theme Builder.

404 Page Template - Before
404 Page Template - After

Video Tutorial




20 Minutes

Divi 404 Page Template in the Divi Theme Builder


Bam baby! With your brand spanking new Divi 404 page template, you are ready to get back to counting sheep rather than herd them. The Divi Theme Builder never ceases to prove itself as a forward-thinking page builder that lets you customize every aspect of a website build. And when the Divi Builder falls short, you can always rely on awesome 3rd party plugins like Divi Machine to fill in the gaps.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful and informative for you. If you’re interested in learning more about using the Divi Theme Builder to customize your WordPress pages, be sure to check out our other tutorials in this four-part series.

Thanks for reading, now back to website design you good thing you!

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