Divi Secret Features Tutorial – Disabling Divi Builder on WooCommerce Products

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Divi Secret Features Tutorial – Disabling Divi Builder on WooCommerce Products

While Divi Builder empowers us to create stunning layouts, there are instances where its application needs careful consideration. For instance, utilizing Divi Builder for product editing might not be ideal in many scenarios. In this brief guide, we’ll explore the process of disabling Divi Builder for product editing, highlighting why this might be a prudent choice:

  • Compatibility with SEO Plugins: A Divi Builder layout in the product description may not seamlessly integrate with other plugins, especially SEO plugins.
  • Efficiency in Layout Changes: If you decide to alter the product layout, the need to edit every product individually can be time-consuming.
  • Streamlining Product Addition: Adding products becomes a prolonged process when entering content in Divi Builder, introducing complexity into the workflow.
  • Preventing Accidental Activation: Store owners might inadvertently click the ‘Use The Divi Builder’ button during product editing, leading to potential issues.
  • Managing Layout Complexity: Having a Divi Builder layout inside another can complicate matters. For example, the default rows have an 80% width which will shrink the horizontal description area.

How to Disable Divi Builder for WooCommerce Products

To deactivate the Divi Builder for WooCommerce product descriptions, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard. Access Divi > Theme Options. In the ‘Builder‘ tab, you’ll find post types listed in the ‘Enable Divi Builder On Post Types’ settings. Disable ‘Products’ and click ‘Save Changes.’

Upon saving, the ‘Use The Divi Builder’ button will vanish while editing products.


Disabling Divi Builder for WooCommerce products simplifies your WooCommerce site, reducing overall complexity. For a more straightforward approach to customization, consider using templating with Divi Modules or explore additional customizability and features with modules from our Divi BodyCommerce.

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