To password protect a section on your Divi Website, please first download and install Divi Protect.

Once installed you will see the new menu appear – Divi Engine.

1. Hover over Divi Engine and click “Password Protect Sections”.

2. Click on “Add New” to add a new layout that will be password protected.

3. Add your desired content using the Divi Builder

4. Enter in your settings

  • Enable/Disable login form to be shown to logged-in users.
  • Add a password for the restricted content
  • Choose a unique shortcode name – this can be anything, but it is advisable to create one that describes your content as when you look at the shortcode name, you can then know what it is showing. In the example below, I have just named it “password-protected-section”, you can name it anything really – for example “image”, “123” or “my_custom_shortcode”.

5. Customise the form design

Use our simple colour pickers and number sliders to change the design of the form inputs and button to either match your design or have something completely different.

Leave them blank to inherit the style of your site.

6. Add the Divi Protect module to your page

Now go to your page and add the new “Divi Protect” module. The only setting here you need to be concerned with is the dropdown. Select your section from the dropdown, give the module a name if you wish and save.

It will now show!

Alternatively, you can add a shortcode. Add this shortcode that you have named in the previous step to either a code or text module on your page.

For example: [password-protected-section] or [image] or [123] – what ever you called it, add [] around the name.


Visit your page to see the new login form.