If you are reading this, you’ve probably either seen or used some of our plugins in the past. We built these plugins because we had a real need for them, but did not find anything on the market that was hand-crafted for Divi and was easy to use. We know that investing some of your very real money can be a scary endeavor, so we wanted to take a quick look at a few different use cases for the Divi Engine suite of plugins to help give you ideas on how they might benefit your or your clients on your next Divi project.

Taking a Closer Look

Strap in, we are going to get into each of our plugins one-by-one to look at what their purpose is first, and then a use case for that plugin. With 7 plugins, we will start with the more complex ones while your mind is fresh, and work our way to the ones with a flatter learning curve.

Divi Machine

Building complex sites with dynamic content have never been easier. With Divi Machine and Advanced Custom Fields, you can create any site you can imagine. Any type of post with custom fields is just a few clicks away. Divi Machine can be super intimidating because of its intense power and range of possibilities, but starting small and thinking big is the key to building truly dynamic and custom sites for your clients.

Use Case

You want to build a Real Estate Listing site with many properties that will need custom post types that are linked to agents.

Key Features

Custom Post Type • Custom Taxonomies • Custom Fields • Linked Post Types • Custom Loops

This is an excellent example of the perfect type of business where one would want to use Divi Machine to create linked custom post types. Looking at the example, you’ll see that we have created two custom post types, one for the properties and one for the agents associated with each of the properties.

Each of the properties has fields specific to the information you would want on a property. These fields include images of the property, description, price, a number of rooms, when it was built, size, special features like a pool or balcony, the list could go on forever and is only limited by your needs.

In addition to the property custom post type, we have a post type for the agents. Each agent post type has a photo of the agent, position, and contact details. Now where the power of Divi Machine really lies is in the ability to link this agent post type, to all of the properties they represent.

Think about that! You can build a full-on real estate listing website with individual agents representing the various properties. Your homepage can list all the properties using custom loops which gives you control over what the listing cards look like. And let’s not forget that with Ajax Filters which is a part of Divi Machine, that you can filter these listing by the fields you want without having to reload the page.

Now while we have you thinking, think about how you could apply just these simple tools in this example to build all sorts of other types of sites that could benefit from features such as custom fields, loops, and relational post types. Pure awesome sauce! And this is only scratching the surface of what is possible.

Divi Machine Ajax Filters
Divi Machine Custom Loops
Divi Machine Linked Post Types

Divi BodyCommerce

WooCommerce is a great tool to use if you’re building an eCommerce site with Divi and WordPress, but getting a WooCommerce install to feel 100% custom is quite the feat if you don’t know how to code. That is is why we created BodyCommerce, an A-to-Z solution to create beautiful eCommerce sites with Divi. Power features like Custom Product Loops, 5 different Checkout Page Styles, Custom Product Pages, Ajax Filters, and over 60 New Divi Modules, you can easily create hype-custom Divi WooCommerce sites that look unique to match YOUR brand, not that fun “WooCommerce Purple” 😉!

Use Case

You are starting an Online Pet Store, but you don’t want it to look like a normal Divi or WooCommerce install. It is important for you to have the Shopify style.

Key Features

Custom Product Pages • Order Bumps • Custom Checkout Pages • Custom Login Page • Social Sharing • Custom Product Loops • Social Sharing Icons

This example is fantastic because it showcases some of the major features you’ll find in BodyCommerce to enhance your Divi WooCommerce projects. Utilizing the power of Custom Product Loops we are able to create stunning product cards to cycle through to show off the details you want, the way you want. Talk about custom development! And building these custom product loops doesn’t require you to be a code ninja, all you need to do is to be able to build layouts using the Divi Builder while utilizing our custom modules, easy as pie. BodyCommerce then employs some Divi Engine magic to give this custom experience.

One of my personal favorite BodyCommerce features used in this example is the Shopify Checkout Preset Style, one of five preset styles at your disposal (Multi-step, Payment right, One-page, and Accordion are the other 4 options). This is so powerful and easy because it only takes a few clicks to apply any of these styles to your site. Best of all, they can be used in conjunction with other BodyCommerce features such as Order Bumps, Custom Checkout Fields, and more!

PRO TIP: For more on Order Bumps and why they are awesome, check out our post on “What is an Order Bump? And how do I create one in WooCommerce and Divi?“.

We have further customized our Divi WooCommerce Pet Store with BodyCommerce by creating Custom Product Pages that look great and encourages conversion. In this example, we added our custom social sharing feature that allows your visitors to share your products directly to popular social media channels which tend to draw in those extra eyeballs. You’ll also notice the product gallery looking a bit more interesting with the thumbnails on the side. Our Product Page Gallery module actually gives you various options of how to display the images which again hits that sweet sweet buzzword, C-U-S-T-O-M 🎉

Some other WooCommerce enhancements powered by BodyCommerce you’ll love are things like Custom Variation Swatches that let you have images or colors as your variation options, Custom Login, and Account Pages, Email Templates that control in more detail what your customers see when they have placed an order, as well as the Ajax Add-to-Cart with a handy Mini-Cart.

I could go on and on, but you are better served to check out the BodyCommerce page, and I have some more use cases to get through here.

BodyCommerce Custom Product Loop
BodyCommerce Custom Product Page
BodyCommerce Shopify Checkout
BodyCommerce Custom Login Page

Divi Mobile

Not many things scream, “Just another Divi site” as much as the hamburger menu on a stock Divi install. It is notoriously difficult to customize and style to fit your branding, Divi Engine is here again with a solution that works without needing a single line of code. Packed with features, Divi Mobile not only allows you to customize things like your hamburger menu on mobile, but it will also actually let you make a ton of customizations on your mobile, tablet, and desktop menus. It comes with 6 pre-set styles for those of you looking for a quick and easy solution, but under the hood, you can create a ton of different styles to say bye-bye to that “Just another Divi site” feel.

Use Case

You have been battling with CSS to style your Divi Hamburger menu to look better.

Key Features

Custom Hamburger Menus • 6 Preset Styles • Inject Divi Layouts • Sub-menus

This one is a little harder to give only one example for, so let us rather spend some time looking at some of our favorite features in Divi Mobile. The biggest and easiest one to implement is your ability to apply any of our preset styles with just a few clicks in the Theme Customizer. You might recognize Style 1 from the Divi Engine website, customers kept asking how we did this awesome effect, so we did them one better and built it right into Divi Mobile as a preset style that you can customize to be in line with your branding.

A very close second favorite feature is the ability to inject any Divi Layouts saved to the Library either before or after your main content. This gives you tons of options for things like Call-to-Actions or contact information, you’re the creatives out there, just imagine what you could do with that! And what would all these features be if you couldn’t style the actual Divi Hamburger Menu Icon without writing a bunch of code? Still pretty cool, but we still added 3 different pre-set styles along with 17 animation styles. Wow!

Divi Mobile Menu Styles
Customizing Divi Mobile
Divi ajax filter logo

Divi Ajax Filter

Let’s talk about page reloads. Sure, sometimes they are necessary, but wouldn’t the world just be a better place if we sprinkled some Ajax on our filters and got that data without pesky reloads? I vote YES! We built Divi Ajax Filters so that you can create a more seamless experience for your visitors by allowing them to filter WooCommerce Products, Blog Posts, or any Custom Posts without that reload time. Divi Ajax Filters is fully integrated with the Divi Builder, so you even set those filters up with a tool you already know and love!

Use Case

You are losing conversions because visitors are not loving excessive reloads when they try to filter through your content.

Key Features

Compatible with WooCommerce • Compatible with ACF • Ajax Results

In our example, we showcase our Divi Ajax Filter on a WooCommerce store that has a bunch of products in different categories. You can search through the products by a bunch of defined filters such as price, category, and variants like color or material. The best part is that as you adjust these filters, you will see the products that show dynamically update without needing to refresh the page. This keeps your visitors engaged and more prone to converting into customers.

This Ajax magic is not limited to WooCommerce products, you can set it up to work with any post type in your Divi install, even Custom Post Types as Divi Ajax Filter fully integrates with Advanced Custom Fields. The good news does not end there, if you purchase Divi Machine or Divi BodyCommerce, you get Divi Ajax Filter for free as it is already built into those plugins. How awesome is that? And no, there is no catch, we just know how important it is for you to be able to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

Divi Ajax Filter
Divi Ajax Filter in BodyCommerce
Divi Ajax Filter in Divi Machine
Divi ajax filter logo

Divi Nitro

Speed is incredibly important for any site, but especially a Divi site because Divi is pretty well-known to be a slowpoke when it comes to loading times. This is a problem as we only get our visitor’s full attention for mere seconds before they see something else shiny and they bounce off in that direction. Don’t worry Divi Engine has you! Divi Nitro was crafted for this very gripe to lighten the load for any Divi site with some very specific Divi-focused features. Divi Nitro lets you do things like select what scripts run on what pages as this is often a huge cause for heavy loading times, and if you run into any issues, we’ve built a debugger right into Divi Nitro to help you track the problematic script.

Now we don’t skimp on anything, we still include things like HTML, CSS, and Javascript minification and combination. The features also include a bunch of image and video deferral options which could be a huge plus for sites that lean on the heavy site with visual content.

We also know that setting up any speed plugin can be intimidating and confusing, that is why we also offer an installation service to set your site up to run as fast as possible on your hosting provider of choice. We really believe any Divi install should be running with Divi Nitro for both your customers and SEO rankings.


Divi ajax filter logo

Divi Mega Menu

Mega Menus are a huge trend in Web Design that definitely makes sense for sites that have a large amount of content like products or articles which are organized into various categories or maybe even brands. Visitors can suffer from a bit of overchoice when presented with all those options at once, enter Divi Mega Menu. Our goal here is to convert visitors into customers, so we should not be confusing or overwhelming them, instead, let’s lead them to exactly what they are looking for by using Divi Mega Menu. The plugin is super easy to use and much of the heavy lifting is done right in the Divi Builder.

FUN FACT: Overchoice or choice overload is an actual cognitive impairment where people struggle to make decisions when posed with too many options. You’re welcome 🤯

Use Case

Your eCommerce Sites has many Products sorted into many categories and you don’t want to overwhelm visitors when they navigate your site.

Key Features

Default Menu • Tooltip Menu • Divi Builder Integration

This is a big example with many demos to give you an idea of how you could implement Divi Mega Menu on your Divi site. Due to the versatility of Divi Builder layouts, you can really achieve some very custom-tailored results. Here we have mostly used the Default Menu style for our Mega Menus, which means that they will live in our default Divi menu in the header.

Going through the options on our example you can see how we are using pretty much any Divi module that makes sense in our Mega Menu. We have multiple columns, WooCommerce Products, Blog Posts, Contact Forms, and all sorts of Media modules. I wasn’t lying when I said Mega Menu was a versatile piece of plugin goodness.

In addition to these standard Divi Mega menus, we’ve added two modules for additional options which are the Drop Down module and the Mega Tabs module which you’ll only find in Divi Mega Menu. These just offer additional layouts for your mega menus to create that unique and functional look you are going for.

Lastly, and unfortunately, we do not have a demo for this one yet, is the Tooltip Mega Menu style which allows you to place a mega menu anywhere on the page. You can set triggers to hover or click and they work fantastic for keeping the loaded pages simple and leaving it up to the user what content they want to reveal. Think of something like a contact form that so many Divi Designers throw on a landing page, with the Divi Mega Menu Tooltip style you can have a contact button that will only reveal the form when you click on it. I don’t know what one calls this, but it certainly is the opposite of overchoice.

Divi Mega Menu Tabs Style
Divi Mega Menu Drop Down Style
Divi Mega Menu 4 Columns
Divi Mega Menu Contact Form
Divi ajax filter logo

Divi Protect

The concept is very simple, you have some content that you want to be under lock and key unless you want them to. WordPress already gives you this ability with pages or posts, but with Divi Protect, you can password protect any module or section on your pages and posts. Reasons why you might want to do this is for users to be emailed the password once they have signed up for a newsletter, or maybe purchased a product, it is really up to you.

Divi Protect Protected Content


There you have it, folks, we scratched the surface on just a few use cases of how you could utilize each of our awesome plugins to build websites that don’t resemble anything close to a Divi site, let alone WordPress. With powerful tools like Divi Machine and BodyCommerce you can recreate some of the biggest websites out there all without having to write a single line of code. Not only that, you can efficiently improve almost any site that you already maintain using other tools like Divi Nitro or Divi Mobile.

We hope this overview was helpful to those of you that don’t yet know all of our products and we hope your interest is peaked enough to have a chat with us about how we can help you do some awesome things with our plugins!

Divi Engine Memberships

The best way to enjoy all the plugins we offer here at Divi Engine is to sign up for either our Annual or Lifetime Membership which will give you licenses to all of not only our current Divi Plugin offerings, it will include any future plugins also! Sounds like a good investment to me.