We are working on making all our modules compatible with the Visual Builder and the new Divi Builder experience. We want this to be a smooth process with minimal errors, this is why we are doing this in stages. Please see below the modules we have added compatibility and which ones we still need to do.

NOTE: All our modules work with the latest Divi Builder experience – you just won’t see a live preview of the changes you make.

Thanks for all the support!

Current Divi BodyCommerce Version: 3.1.2

Full Compatibility

  • DB Loop Thumbnail
  • DB Category Title/Header
  • DB Loop View Product Btn
  • DB Pro Additional Information
  • DB Pro Attributes
  • DB Pro Before
  • DB Pro Breadcrumbs
  • DB Pro Content
  • DB Product Search
  • DB Pro Gallery
  • DB Pro Image
  • DB Pro/Loop Add To Cart
  • DB Pro/Loop Price
  • DB Pro/Loop Product Title
  • DB Pro/Loop Short Description
  • DB Pro Meta
  • DB Pro Navigation
  • DB Pro/Loop Product Rating
  • DB Pro Reviews
  • DB Pro Sharing
  • DB Pro/Loop Stock Status
  • DB Pro Product Summary
  • DB Pro Tabs

Not Fully Compatible Yet

  • DB Acc Addresses
  • DB Acc Avatar
  • DB Acc Downloads
  • DB Acc Edit Account
  • DB Acc Navigation
  • DB Acc Orders
  • DB Acc User Name
  • DB Acc Welcome Message
  • DB Cart Products
  • DB Cart Total
  • DB After Shop (currently there is no way of getting what gets plugged into this action from other plugins.
  • DB Loop Archive
  • DB Notices
  • DB Product Carousel
  • DB Product Slider
  • DB Log Login Form
  • DB Log Register Form
  • DB Category Archive
  • DB Pro Related Products
  • DB Pro Upsell