BodyCommerce Features

Have you seen these two cool features that BodyCommerce can do for your online store?

We thought it would be helpful to visually show some of the features that BodyCommerce can help with. The following are only a small selection – a full list of what it does can be found on our Documentation site.

1) Flip Image

Have you seen online shops where you hover of a product image on the category page and it changes to another view? Well with the thumbnail module in BodyCommerce you can add this feature.

2) Product Slider

We have created a module called “DB Product Slider” which utilizes the Divi slider to showcase your products.

3) Ajax Add To Cart

Ajax add to cart improves the UX of your store by reducing the reloads and waiting time for the customer.

This list will grow as we get time to create gifs on all the visual features.


  1. Great plugin, best purchase of black friday

    • Thanks Albert! Appreciate the kind words!

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