Announcing a better support experience!

We are extremely excited to announce an entirely new support experience for all Divi Engine products that is available right now!

The entire Divi Engine Team gets it that building amazing products is only one part of the equation to you getting the ROI you deserve with our range of products. We already have industry-leading support where we address your tickets within 4 hours of you submitting them, but as with anything, there is always a little wiggle room for improvement. That is why we are investing in you by offering a solution to support that is simply put, a heck of a lot better!

Let’s take a look at the key enhancements.

👩🏽‍💻 Self-Service Portal

Open new tickets

One easy spot where you can open new issues or questions that you encounter.

View past tickets

Track the progress of all the tickets you have submitted or look up the resolution to an old ticket.

Get updates on bug fixes

The new system will notify you when a plugin update has been released for a bug you reported or encountered.

No more lost support issues due to emails getting trapped or flat-out rejected by spam filters. You now have a portal where you can log in and track all of your past and active support issues.

We totally get that feeling like your issue has been ignored is a terrible experience and we know that this feature alone will ease that frustration going forward.

🧾 Better Ticket Submission Experience


When submitting new tickets you will be guided to, or you can choose, specific support categories.


Your issue will go directly to the support team member best suited to helping you with your query.


You can now attach images, loom videos, or logs to your issue which will help get it resolved as quickly as possible.

With options like attaching images or recording Loom videos, clearly expressing your issue has never been easier, and will absolutely help get a solution to your issue much quicker.

Other enhancements such as recommended knowledge base articles based on your input and being connected to the right support ninjas are all extra steps we implemented to make your support experience buttery smooth.

Using the NEW Support Portal is as easy as 1️⃣-2️⃣-3️⃣

Step 1️⃣ ⮕ Sign Up

Head over to and sign up. We know that signing up might be a pain, but just imagine all that ticket tracking goodness.

Step 2️⃣ ⮕ Open a Ticket

To open a new ticket click on “Raise a request”. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible and don’t be shy to record a Loom video.

Step 3️⃣ ⮕ Track Progress

You can log back in at any time to track the progress of your ticket. No more feeling like your support issues disappear into the abyss, you can and should hold us accountable.

It is just as simple as that! We really believe that this new support experience will make a huge difference to you amazing folks!


We really hope that this is a welcome investment into you, our customers, to help ensure an even better experience when you encounter something unexpected or maybe need a little extra help getting the result you want.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below as it is very valuable to hear from you whether we are making changes that you love and support.

Thank you.


  1. He adquirido hace poco DIVI engine, y me estoy decepcionando, porque se supone con form divi builder puedo crear formularios que me permiten crear post relacionandolos con todos los componentes de ACF y sucede que no existe un objeto que permita relacionar con el componente “Post Object de ACF”. Y ahora para sacar un ticket es como ver el film la pasión de cristo. Pensé que iba a encontrar grandiosas soluciones con esta suscripción y sus plugins, sin embargo, lo voy usando y me voy decepcionando, espero sea una percepción sesgada de mi parte, y al final si valga la pena la inversión.

    • Sorry missed this comment – please submit a support ticket and we can help.

    • Hello Kris!

      Please see the image below as that URL should allow you to Log in OR Sign up with your email.

      Please let us know if you still have issues.

  2. I can’t send a tiket.
    Where do I sign up to do this?

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