If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to increase your conversion rate, it may be simpler than you think. Instead of spending hours on your website trying to figure it out all by yourself, or trying to use a type of marketing to change things, there’s a much smarter way.

For the easiest, best, and most effective way to learn how to improve your conversion rate, start learning from the biggest and the best online stores out there. By using what’s already been tried and tested by the biggest and the best in the business, you’ll be saving both time and money, and you’ll be learning from the highest converting websites out there.

Assuming that you are already attracting the right sort of traffic, learning to focus on how your customers are experiencing your site will be the key to your online stores’ success.

Here are our top 5 key points to help improve your e-commerce conversion rate.

1. Make the cart icon and its items visible at all times.

If you look at some of the largest e-commerce companies in the world such as Amazon or eBay, you’ll notice how easy it is to view your shopping cart and access the items you have chosen to buy.

Having a visible shopping cart icon and item drop-down has become standard throughout online shopping, and shoppers
now expect it. Most sites will even have the shopping cart available and visible when it is empty. High converting e-commerce stores have learned that having a visible shopping cart plays a huge part in ensuring their customers have a smooth and easy checkout process.

They also know that creating this easy check out process is essential to customers making that final step of purchasing their products.

Some more benefits to consider:

  • Having a shopping cart will reduce the number of clicks needed for the customer.
  • Customers can see how much they have to pay at all times so there’s no hidden surprise.

The item-drop down should also show the total cost of all of the items and should also include any tax or shipping fees the shopper may have to pay. If you are clear about these from the beginning a customer is more likely to accept them and trust you. Nobody likes a hidden cost.

The shopping cart is that important!

Make yours visible, and you will automatically increase your chances.

Check it out in the video below! 

Cart visible on all pages

2. Shorten the checkout process.

Any way you can make the shopping process better and easier will increase your sales, including your e-commerce checkout.

The check out on your site is the final step before an order is completed and a customer pays for their items. It also has the highest potential to win or to lose a sale in an e-commerce store. This is why you will find the checkout process is always very fast when you’re shopping with a high converting store.

Don’t give your customers the time to change their minds.

Are you giving your customers a hard time when they go to check out on your site? This is a serious question we should all be asking ourselves. If you want to increase your sales, you have to ensure that when your customers ‘check out’ the process will be quick and simple. Customers need to leave a store feel good about the whole experience from beginning to end.

How to shorten the checkout process:

  • Reduce the number of checkout steps – you don’t need to ask a lot of questions.
  • Offer a variety of payment options.
  • Avoid unnecessary blockages like pop-up ads and forms to fill out.
  • Don’t make people register to purchase. (This one is important). At this point, most people will abandon the cart altogether.

3. Offer free or fixed-rate shipping.

Most people would rather not pay shipping fees, so if you can, it is better  to offer a customer free shipping (even if you have to build this into your price).

If you cannot offer free shipping, try offering a flat rate.

At least this way, your customers will know what the additional costs will be from the start. Honesty is always the best policy. When I shop online, I try to look for free shipping. Free shipping makes sense to me as it helps me rationalise buying something online. When I see I will pay a shipping fee, I always second guess my purchase. Sometimes I would even rather pay slightly more if I get free shipping.

I’m not sure why, but I know I’m not alone in this. (I guess this is why Amazon Prime has become so successful).


4. Reveal all fees as early as possible.

People buy people first, the product second.

When I worked in a sales position (a long time ago), this saying was drilled into me, and it still sticks today. If you trust someone and you like them, you will be less likely to walk away from the purchase. Why am I saying this about revealing fees? Well, building trust from the very first second is so important. If I am shopping online and I start to checkout, but on the checkout page, I get hit with a surprise fee that I was not expecting, I instantly feel deceived and lose trust and interest in the site. 

Hidden fees also point out specifically that there is an increase in the cost of an item, and no-one likes to have to pay more than they initially thought. Always remember, the easier a brand makes purchasing an item, the higher the chances are that there will be a purchase.

Building trust and being transparent about all of the costs as early as you can will go far to ensure your customers feel safer making purchases from your store. Keep your customers happy and they will want to return.

5. Add steps to the checkout.

Adding steps to your check-out page is a great way to minimise the amount of content the customer sees at one time. Too much information can become overwhelming and can confuse customers. Don’t give a customer the chance to change their mind.

Often the simplest of websites can have the highest conversions. The same goes for the check-out process.

Shoppers expect their shopping experience to be seamless, if your checkout process doesn’t fit this, you will lose customers and your sales. If you simplify things in clear and concise checkout steps, you make it easier for a customer to purchase. Checkout steps are a great way to guide your customers to pay and to checkout smoothly.

Customers like structure, especially when it comes to making a payment because they don’t want to feel confused about spending their money. When they understand the process from the start in a structured way,
customers are less likely to change their minds.

Bonus tip: This is also why you should try removing as many checkout fields as possible.



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